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Custom Rubber Casting for Urethane

We provide custom rubber casting for urethane based products.  Our custom rubber castings for urethane are excellent for new rollers or remanufactured rollers.  We provide a wide array of roller hardness options for your custome rubber urethane castings.  We can maintain a urethane casting tolerance of ±.001.  In addition to casting your products we can also offer custom grinding services and hold a ±.0002 tolerance.

Casting Urethane Qualities:

  • Good Compression Set
  • Ozone Resistance
  • Oil & Solvent Resistant
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • Low Cost Tooling
  • Tear Resistance
  • Rollers - New or Remanufactured
  • Hardness from 10 to 100 on the A scale and 65 on the D scale
  • Colored Stocks
  • Cast Tolerance ±.001
  • Grind Spec ±.0002
  • Straightness .0002
  • Concentricty .0002
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